The Expiration (Worth its Weight vol.6)


The Expiration (Worth its Weight vol.6) 2015

The rest of an art piece Worth its Weight (2012), which was made of newspaper, rocks

Joutseno, Lappeenranta

An artist worked (2012-2015) and made money to get some money for bread but it did not work out. Anyone did not buy Worth its Weight, someone bought just a few bunches, some bunches were exchanged to an artwork. Worth its Weight did not get any awards and as an intervention, some bunches were delivered in envelopes in city space as tax refund paid. Plenty bunches were still left, and storing costs, too.

Due to all that the artist decided to bury her art as the last change to get bread, at least indirectly. 
– Burying newspaper false morel may pop up on the ground in a few years if there is mycelium. The mushroom is very toxic if uncooked but made in a right way it is most delicious food.


Digging the hole, filling it with bunches and covering the hole with soil.





The 7th of May, 2017

Not just one, but several false morels!!!