Screening (2011)

(a projector, a DVD player, a DVD duration 2 min, a screen, artificial grass, four white benches for sitting, a text, a stand for the text, a flashlight for seeing the text)

video editing Anikó Kuikka, English translation Jenni Meskus

Hole in the Universe, Kerava Art Museum

I didn’t quite understand where I was, how I had come to this or how I had survived until now. But what I did understand was that now I should make a decision whether to take a step forward or to stay and wait. And almost all signs were favourable and urged to move.

24 hours (which include one morning, day, evening and night) is one day. 60 minutes is one hour, 60 seconds is one minute.

The average person’s heart beats in repose on average about 60 times per minute, once a second. The involuntary nerves make the human heart beat.

Was it a coincidence, when
light ≠ darkness
good ≠ bad
white ≠ black
loud ≠ silent
living ≠ dead.

I heard from elsewhere how the game was going. Where were the others, the rest? I mean, perhaps, where were you, you who I thought I had known for a long time already. Is you an opposite of me?

Present = absent.
Yesterday = today = tomorrow,
good = mediocre = poor?

When was the time right, what is the right now, is good adequately, is permanent forever eternal, what is an infinite quantity?

image Katriina Korpi