little red riding hood and it’s seven wolves


Wasa Graffitilandia
May-August 2022 in Vaasa, Finland.

Mixed Media; recycled textiles.
The work wraps around of three nearby situated maple trees. Installation in situ.

I have read: a wolf ate one granny and one little red riding hood. Here are seven wolves, and I wonder, how many grannies and little girls would they eat???

– A wolf (canis lupus) is one of a very endangered species in Finland. A defending animal or an animal with rabies might harm a human, but in Finland that hasn´t happened over one hundred years. And still, The Finnish Wildlife Agency admits hunting permits for shooting wolves.

In Vaasa seven wolves are climbing with Little Red Riding Hood and in Seinäjoki Graffitilandia there is A Granny playing with the wolves, A Granny and its Seven Wolves 2022. Wasa Graffitilandia is a street art exhibition in an abandoned amusement park in Vaasa, Finland. It was organized for the first time from idea to opening in 8 weeks in Summer 2021. The project expanded Seinäjoki in Summer 2022.