I just hope it’s green/ a green vacuum

Otto SantalaJustGreenOttoS

I just hope it’s green/ a green vacuum 2019

Yarn, recycled plastic limbs, handknitted

Sins in Eden – Grēki Paradīzē – Finnish-Latvian environmental art exhibition, Botanical Garden of University of Latvia in Riga

We, here, on our earth, we have accomplished, due to our important missions and actions, that in different layers winds are blowing in different speeds and in different directions. This movement engenders horizontal and rotating vorticities, and already, an updraft raises the vortex partially to a vertical position. If you hope green, if you hope that winds and turbulence will be favorable for trees, bushes, another plants and all the flowers, is there a place for us, somewhere on Earth, anymore, or is it already too late?