fisherman´s friends

fisherman´s friends 2014Fisherman´s Friends (2014)

Floating and moored styrofoam painted partly red

Viimeinen puolukka – Last lingonberry, Environmental Art Exhibition, Kivinokka, Helsinki

A fisherman had been fishing for many years, and lately, he went to the sea on his own. He knew the fishes, and he knew the waters. The fisherman had already lived for a long time, but his mind was bright and his attitude to life was full of light. However, one day he felt that his condition was not as good as usually, but still, he wanted to follow his daily routine, and went to his boat and rowed to the sea by himself.

Unexpectedly, the fisherman fell off his boat and was suddenly in the water. But, he was a good swimmer, the fisherman. There was no doubt that he couldn´t reach the land. Man swims, he swam a long way towards the shore. Still, just dozens of metres before a landfall, he lost his strength.

Not yet, they wished, not yet. But he did, he went away and left his hooks and lines for them.

dedicated to ej (1937-2014)