a viewpoint to helsinki and snow

A viewpoint to Helsinki and Snow (Näkökulma Helsinkiin ja lumeen) (2011)

Recent years it has been a lot of snow in Helsinki. There is a fight against to it, snow plowers are doing their best, driving all night and day. We curse snow, trams and trains are late, it is slippery, shoes are wet, accidents happen, we are late. Piles and piles of snow. – Real estate owners have to take care of a safe waking space and the city of Helsinki takes care of driveways. Who owns snow, has a pile of snow an owner? Mannerheim Square, Helsinki.

– I thought you were afraid of heights.

– I´m not afraid of heights, I´m afraid of falling.

– Yeah, well, just don´t look down.

– Too bad that the things don´n look at the same in the ground.

– What do you mean?

– Oh, the things are clearer up here. Like clear things up.

                  A dialog from a movie Paris, Texas (1984)