a choice

50x50_A CHOICE_jpekkiA Choice (Reading Shakespeare, stydying Malevich) (2014)

50 x 50 cm print, uP exhibition, metamatic:taf´s gallery, Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece






“the exhibition uP is organized by the platform Create an Accident at metamatic:taf’s gallery space running for three weeks from march 6 and is part of Create an Accident’s annual program entitled “View Images in High Revolution”.

paraphrasing one of the most familiar expressions of the internet world (view images in high resolution), the notion of analysis is addressed to as a method of devising radical versions of reality. uP, the gesture of looking up, constitutes an action which can fundamentally fuel people’s lives and answers the request for change in the way people view and perceive the social domain.

one hundred artists and creative groups from all over the world turn their gaze upwards, permeating what is directly visible and contributing to the composition of one large-scale sky/panorama which covers the ceiling of metamatic:taf’s gallery.

every artist creates a 50x50cm pixel of that sky in their own unique way and perspective. reexamining the notion of viewing the surrounding space using the dynamics of analysis as a tool, the artworks constituting uP’s sky bring to the surface what was unperceived by the look. the new perspective is composed of images previously concealed or unshaped in a background of pixels, behind the first impression of each stimulus we come across.

uP is a large, original, exciting experiment on the philosophy of synthesis and the way the distinct identity of each participating artist retains its autonomy, while at the same time constituting part of a single unique artwork. a work of art, which simultaneously devises, reforms and redetermines the relationship with one’s self and the world around us.”